Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty, Will Testify Against Friends

  • Jeremy Bertino, a Proud Boys leader from North Carolina, pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and gun charges on Thursday, becoming the first member of the far-right group to admit to seditious conspiracy — the toughest charge prosecutors have filed in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot investigation — and the first Proud Boys leader to plead guilty to any charges.

  • He agreed to cooperate with the government in its seditious conspiracy case against five other Proud Boys leaders, set for trial in December.

  • The charges he admitted to carry maximum jail terms of 30 years, but “in a sign of the sensitivity and potential importance of Bertino’s testimony, prosecutors agreed that in exchange for ‘substantial cooperation,’ they could seek leniency at sentencing and enter Bertino into a Justice Department witness protection program,” The Washington Post reports. They said they would recommend a sentence in the four- to five-year range.

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