Rachel Maddow Worried She’ll Be Put In One Of Trump’s ‘Massive Camps’

Rachel Maddow leaves a taping of the "Late Show with David Letterman" in New York, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is “worried” former President Trump could throw her in jail or even some sort of camp for high-profile liberals if he’s victorious in November.

Maddow, who has largely built her program around passionate criticism of Trump for years, famously pushed since-debunked theories tying the former president to Russia. Now she’s concerned Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, will weaponize the government and throw his media critics in jail if he defeats President Biden in November.

“I’m worried about the country broadly if we put someone in power who is openly avowing that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people, and to ‘root out’ what he’s described in subhuman terms as his ‘enemy from within.’ Again, history is helpful here. He’s not joking when he says this stuff, and we’ve seen what happens when people take power proclaiming that kind of agenda,” Maddow told CNN, adding that Trump would also go after his political rivals.

“For that matter, what convinces you that these massive camps he’s planning are only for migrants?,” Maddow continued. “I’m worried about me — but only as much as I’m worried about all of us.”

CNN’s reporter did not push back on this in the print Q&A and had set Maddow up to give an explosive answer by initially asking, “Trump and his allies are openly talking about weaponizing the government to seek revenge against critics in media … you’re one of his most notable critics on television. Are you worried that you could be a target?”

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