Ray Epps: ‘I Was There’

Other Non-Violent Rioters Charged, Not Epps

  • Jan. 6 rioter Ray Epps gets the CBS 60 Minutes treatement.
  • Acknowledges he was with the violent crew but never got charged while hundreds of others did.
  • Bill Whitaker: I think what is so damning about the video is that there’s a barrier there. The barrier gets knocked down. And a police officer, a female police officer gets knocked down. And the mob, including you, walk over the barrier and march on toward the capitol.
  • Bill Whitaker: Why didn’t you stop to help this, this police officer who was knocked over?
  • Ray Epps: When she was knocked down and I started to go towards her to help her up. And I saw a billy club over here in the corner of my eye. And I thought, “You know, they’re gonna think I’m part of this.” So I backed off.
  • Bill Whitaker: You were part of it.
  • Ray Epps: I was there. I wasn’t a part of that, knocking her down.