RCP: Mike Pence Is In, But Faces Daunting Poll Average Of 3.8% To Trump’s 53.2%

  • Mike Pence told RealClearPolitics that he and his family “have come to a decision” about whether to launch a bid for the Republican presidential nomination and the White House. And while the former vice president wouldn’t give away the game completely, Pence said he plans to head west.
  • Multiple outlets are reporting that Pence will make his campaign official on June 7 in Des Moines. Home to many evangelical Christians, it is fertile ground for the politician who has long championed socially conservative values. He has been there already, making frequent stops at diners and in church gymnasiums while insisting America “ought to have government as good as our people.”
  • Though not yet an official candidate, Pence regularly ranks a distant third or fourth in the RealClearPolitics Average. Currently, he sits at 3.8% compared to Trump, who enjoys front-runner status with 53.2%. When asked if he could overcome that deficit, he expressed optimism that “the American people will choose the right standard bearer.”