RFK Jr. Runs $7M Super Bowl Ad, Combines 2024 With Uncle JFK’s 1960 Campaign

In an unprecedented political maneuver, a Super PAC aligned with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign delivered a high-dollar gambit this past Sunday. As millions tuned in for the Super Bowl festivity, viewers nationwide saw a 30-second advertisement endorsing Kennedy’s candidacy.

Echoing a bygone era of political legacy, the ad deployed by American Values 2024 revisited the 1960 campaign designs used by Kennedy’s late uncle, Former President John F. Kennedy. Although modernized, the spot maintained its historical roots with the identical jingle and visual stylings while introducing imagery of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in robust moments as he testified before Congress and enjoyed a bout of skiing. The ad overlayed “vote independent” prompt, aiming to sway the electoral base.

Proclaiming a growing tide of support for his independent run, Kennedy stated, “Our momentum is growing. It’s time for an Independent President to heal the divide in our country,” a sentiment underscored by instant surges in Google search queries correlating with the advertisement’s airing.

The Super PAC disclosed a striking $7 million expense on the national ad placement, positioning Kennedy’s independent charge firmly in the public eye.

Despite the ad’s reach and evocative appeal to dynastic heritage, it did not escape familial criticism. Bobby Shriver, Kennedy’s cousin, swiftly took exception to the Super Bowl commercial. He expressed dismay via social media, alleging that the political spot misappropriated the images of their shared kin. He postulated that his mother would have disavowed Kennedy’s healthcare position, contending it strayed from the family’s advocacy legacy for science, vaccine support, and healthcare equality. Shriver’s critique underscored his enduring support for the healthcare initiatives of organizations such as the ONE Campaign and (RED), which, according to him, stands in sharp opposition to Kennedy’s controversial stances.

Adding to the intrafamily dispute, Mark Shriver lent his voice to Bobby’s lamentations, signaling an equivocal dissatisfaction within the folds of the Kennedy clan.

Kennedy’s polarizing views, particularly his anti-vaccine advocacy, have ignited fierce denunciations from his own family. Last October bore witness to an excoriating rebuff from his siblings, who jointly denounced his presidential bid. They voiced a collective anguish over his political aspirations, deeming his candidacy both ‘deeply saddening’ and ‘perilous’ to the nation’s welfare.