Riley Gaines Unleashes On Red State Dem Candidate

Riley Gaines blasted an “ignorant at best or a sellout at worst” Democrat House candidate for claiming to be “in the middle” on issues, then expressing support for students in Montana to play sports based on gender identity.

Monica Tranel, who is running for the seat currently held by Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., has made several claims of taking a more moderate position on issues, writing in a May 8 post on X that “being in the middle is in my DNA.” On Tranel’s campaign website, the Democrat also said that she is running for Congress “to represent the missing middle.”

Despite claiming to “come to the center” on issues, new footage obtained by Fox News Digital shows Tranel expressing support for students in Montana competing in sports based on their gender identity rather than their sex at birth and enshrining individuals identifying as female as real women under the law.

Riley Gaines, a swimmer who was forced to compete in the 2022 NCAA championship against a biological male, told Fox News Digital that Tranel’s “position blatantly underscores a disconnection with the people of Montana who value fairness in women’s sports.”

“Allowing males to compete in women’s categories undermines the integrity of women’s athletics and negates the level playing field that Title IX was designed to protect,” Gaines said. “This isn’t just a sports issue; it’s about ensuring that the voices and hard-fought rights of women are not sidelined in the guise of progress.”

While Tranel claims to come to the middle, a national Gallup poll found that nearly 70% of Americans believe individuals should compete in sports based on their biological sex rather than gender identity.

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