‘Rocky IV’ Dolph Lundgren And His Wife Become Legal Citizens The Right Way

Dolph Lundgren, the acclaimed actor known for his role in “Rocky IV,” along with his wife, Emma Krokdal, have become U.S. citizens. The couple participated in a naturalization ceremony in Los Angeles this past Monday, marking a significant milestone in their journey to American citizenship.

Lundgren, originally from Sweden, and Krokdal, who hails from Norway, were united in marriage in July 2023. Their recent ceremony was a pivotal moment, as captured in photographs showing them swearing the oath of allegiance to the United States with their right hands raised.

An additional captivating image from the ceremony displayed Lundgren proudly holding an American flag and a certificate confirming his new status as a U.S. citizen. This moment was particularly poignant for Lundgren, who, at 66, has spent a considerable portion of his life connected to the United States.

In a heartfelt statement to PEOPLE, Lundgren expressed his deep affection for America and the numerous opportunities the country has offered him over the past four decades. “I love America and the wonderful opportunities this country has given me. I’m proud to finally become a U.S. citizen and officially make this my home,” he said.

Lundgren’s journey to citizenship reflects his long-standing relationship with the U.S., a country where he has built a successful career and now intends to call home permanently. “It’s about time,” he concluded, highlighting his readiness to embark on this new chapter as an American citizen.

The naturalization of Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal adds a celebrated name to the list of U.S. citizens, underscoring the diverse backgrounds of those who choose to make America their home.