Rodeo Bull Jumps Fence, Injuring Four People

At least four spectators were injured Saturday when a bull jumped the fence at an Oregon rodeo and began striking onlookers.

The incident happened around 10 p.m., and harrowing footage captured the moment the animal named Party Bus leaped the arena’s barricade at the 84th Sisters Rodeo and charged up the bleachers.

An emergency response was soon called for by the announcer, according to a report citing the Sisters Rodeo Association.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever had this happen in Sisters Rodeo history. I talked to our Scott contractors that have that bull, and they said it’s just highly unusual, very rare, they have seen very little of this in their entire career,” Brian Witt, the vice president of Sisters Rodeo, said, according to the report.

“They’ll see it on their own farm once in a while, just in their own pens, but never had this happen at a rodeo, it’s just very, very rare.”

The incident occurred during the final event of the night, and Witt said responding personnel managed to contain Party Bus safely in a holding pen.

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