Rumors Swirl That Mark Zuckerberg Is Fighting At A UFC Show

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook-turned-Meta CEO and noted Eye of Sauron, likes to fight. We know this. He’s absolutely a hobby guy, and recently revealed MMA-style sparring to be one of his wide-ranging pastimes. And we must admit, as several experts did, that he’s pretty good at it.
  • But just because you’re okay at a pastime doesn’t mean that you should take said hobby to unnecessary next levels — you know, the type of next level that screams “I Am Going Through Something.” And with that, let’s examine the strange, swirling, and unfortunately compelling rumors that Zuckerberg… is fighting at a UFC show on Saturday?
  • As Vice explains, the UFC organization very suddenly announced earlier in the week that it would be closing its Saturday fight card at the Apex, located in Las Vegas, to the press and public. That’s an unusual move, and UFC president Dana White didn’t give a firm explanation for the closure other than wanting to give the hardworking fighting press “night off.”