San Francisco Whole Foods Shuts Down: ‘Real Gut Punch’

  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Matt Dorsey said Wednesday that the Whole Foods closure in the city was a “gut punch” to the whole neighborhood and added that he wasn’t surprised.
  • “I believe we can do better as a city, but I will tell you the closure of whole foods after just a year of being open is a real gut punch for the neighborhood. And I wish I could say I was surprised, but I have seen a lot of the issues with people acting out and shoplifting. So fingers crossed, we can turn things around here and I do have some optimism, but hopefully we can get this supermarket back open because the neighborhood waited a long time for it,” he told CNN.
  • “CNN This Morning” co-host Don Lemon asked Dorsey if he believed people have a misunderstanding about how dangerous of a city San Francisco is because it has “far fewer homicides than other similarly sized cities.”