SCARBOROUGH: The Trail Of Who Is Putin’s Puppet Leads Directly To Joe Biden

Washington Times columnist Rowan Scarborough reports: Funny that Hillary Clinton, who hand-delivered to Kremlin apparatchik Sergey Lavrov a “reset button” meant to make Moscow-Washington fun, called former President Donald Trump a Putin “puppet” in a December post on X.

But by lifting Russian sanctions, placating Iran and overseeing the Afghanistan debacle, Mr. Biden sent the wrong signals to a tyrant who has ruled Russia for the past 25 years as president or prime minister. It was Mr. Biden’s reset button. Mr. Putin did not take Mr. Biden seriously.

We can also ask this question: How did Mr. Trump help Russian President Vladimir Putin by verbally browbeating NATO allies to become stronger militarily and more energy independent? But that would get in the way of calling him a “puppet.”