School Approves Explicit Sexuality Curriculum With Jaw-Dropping Content

  • Pennsylvania English teacher said he included close-up photographs of penises, vulvas, as well as a video of a woman ejaculating in an optional sexuality class, according to an interview. The school told Fox News Digital they were standing by him.
  • Al Vernacchio is an English teacher at Friends’ Central School, a private school in Wynnewood. He also is involved in the sexuality curriculum, which expounds from children nursery through 12th grade, according to his website.
  • He has also mentioned this fact on at least one other occasion. After publication of this article, the school reached out and stated there was no “sexual education curriculum prior to fourth grade.”
  • In his work as Sexuality Education Coordinator, Vernacchio teaches classes, organizes sexuality-themed programs and assemblies, and is one of the faculty advisors for the Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance.
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