Schumer: All Three Objects Over US, Canada Were Balloons

The Senate Major Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday intelligence officials think the object shot down Saturday over Canada and the unknown object shot down over Alaska on Friday and the craft downed over off the coast of South Carolina last week were all balloons.

  • The New York Democrat told ABC the downing Saturday of an aerial object over Canada – the third over  North America in eight days – only increases the urgency for Congress to get to the bottom of what appears to be a previously unknown surveillance program by the Chinese.
  • Schumer said such a balloon program, which government officials now say existed during the Trump administration, was unknown to Congress and the intelligence and military communities until a few months ago is “wild.”
  • All members of Congress were briefed Thursday on the suspected Chinese spy balloon shot down Feb. 4 off the South Carolina coast after it traversed much of the continental U.S.