Schwarzenegger On His Nazi Father: ‘Sucked Into A Hate System Through Lies And Deceits’

  • Former California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his visit to Auschwitz during an interview on Sunday as he addressed his father being a Nazi.
  • “Auschwitz was a real mind-blower, I tell you, because it’s always one thing when you hear about it, when you read about it, but it’s never the same as when you’re actually there and then, all of a sudden, you see the realities of it, of where the people were shot every day, the wall with the target,” Schwarzenegger told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”
  • “They were shot there. You look at the rooms where the suitcases are lying around of people that were told, make sure that exactly where you put your shoes and where you put your suitcase and your belongings, so, after the shower, you can find them right away, because we very quickly put you back on the train and take you back where you came from,” Schwarzenegger said.