She’s That Dumb: Joy Reid Compares FL Evacuees To Illegal Immigrants

  • Hard to fathom, but MSNBC host Joy Reid apparently can’t fathom the difference between Floridians under evacuation orders during Hurricane Ian and illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.
  • Reid: “It’s a bit ironic now that you might have Floridians having to pour over the borders and go north and get out of the state of Florida in the exact same crisis we have been talking about on a trolling level in that state for a long time. Be careful about attacking people who have to move to save their own lives and safety, because you never know…when it’s your people who have to migrate, when it’s your people who have to get on that road.”
  • Reid and some of her fellow left-wing pundits haven’t been able to help themselves as they’ve tried to politicize massive Hurricane Ian as a way to score points against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.