Shock: COVID Cash Funded ‘Field Of Dreams,’ Sea Urchin Hatchery

  • More and more federally funded, controversial projects that came as part of pandemic-relief spending passed by Congress are coming to light, and few of them do not have anything to do with COVID-19.
  • Citizens Against Government Waste released its annual breakdown of the last year’s “nightmarish” federal spending in honor of Halloween. The report highlights several taxpayer-funded projects, many of them coming from the trillions in “COVID relief” passed through three congressional spending bills.
  • The budget watchdog group blasted Hawaii, which reportedly doled out $1 million in taxpayer funds for a “sea urchin hatchery” as well as $300,000 for “an engineering assessment of the now-condemned Aloha Stadium.”
  • The report also names Iowa, which spent $12.5 million of the funds to build a baseball stadium on the famous “Field of Dreams” site to encourage tourism.
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