SHOCKER: NYC’s Pro-Dem Orthodox Jews Endorse Zeldin For Guv

  • Four New York Chasidic sects in Boro Park endorsed Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin for governor Tuesday. More Boro Park groups are expected to endorse Zeldin Tuesday.
  • The Orthodox Jewish community endorsed Democrats for every statewide race – except for governor.
  • They felt that Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul had been dismissive of their concerns about state regulation yeshivas and also violence against Orthodox Jews.
  • “We met Lee Zeldin when he came to visit Camp Shalva last summer,” Bobov community leader Joel  Rosenfeld told Hamodia on Tuesday. “We met him again this week, and his message then when he was way down in the polls was identical to his message now that his poll numbers are surging: he will fight for our yeshivas with the same vigor that he will tackle the crime issues that plague the state.
  • “As our very existence in New York is threatened by the state’s attempt to control our yeshiva curriculum, we are grateful to Zeldin for standing in support of our educational and religious liberties, and therefore enthusiastically endorse him for governor. And we urge everyone go out and vote.”
  • Hochul made a last-ditch bid for the endorsement Tuesday, but the sects considered her letter requesting their support far too tepid.



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