Soccer Player Killed By Lightning Strike During Game, Captured On Video

A tragic incident unfolded during a friendly soccer match in Indonesia when a 35-year-old player, Septain Raharja, was struck by lightning and killed.

The shocking event, captured on video, occurred while Raharja was playing for his team, Football Boots Indonesia, against FC Bandung on Saturday afternoon around 4:20 p.m.

The footage, which circulated online, shows Raharja collapsing on the field after being struck by the lightning bolt, with other players quickly rushing to his aid. Despite efforts to save him, Raharja was still breathing when he was rushed to a local hospital. However, he was later pronounced dead.

This incident marks yet another case of a soccer player being struck by lightning in recent years in Indonesia. Last year, another player experienced a similar fate during the Soeratin U-13 Cup, where he was knocked unconscious for 20 minutes after being hit by lightning.

Tragically, soccer players being struck by lightning is not isolated to Indonesia. In March 2004, 18-year-old Jiang Tao lost his life in a similar incident while training at Singapore’s Jurang Stadium.

Tao was struck by lightning during a training session with Sinchi FC, highlighting the inherent risks that athletes face, even during routine activities.