Starbucks Charges Couple More Than $4K For Two Coffees

Family forced to cancel trip over lost cash

  • An Oklahoma couple ordered two cups of coffee at a Starbucks in Tulsa and wound up being charged $4,456.27.
  • Jesse O’Dell said he ordered an iced Americano for his wife and a venti caramel frappuccino for himself, which added up to about $10.
  • After contacting Starbucks, officials sent the couple checks to make up for the lost cash — but the checks bounced.
  • The initial checks bounced because of a typo, a spokesperson for Starbucks said, and a new set of checks has since been delivered and cashed.
  • The spokesperson said Jesse was responsible for inputting the enormous tip that bumped up his coffee costs, but Jesse denied this and said the district manager blamed the incident on a network issue.