Study Finds America Experiencing ‘Crisis Of Early Death’

  • A recent study has unveiled a troubling portrait of public health in the United States, highlighting the significant disparity in death rates compared to other affluent nations. The findings have led experts to assert that the nation is currently grappling with what can be described as a “crisis of early death.”
  • Researchers hailing from the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) have determined that the U.S. endures a notably elevated death rate when measured against its counterparts. This discrepancy has prompted the term “Missing Americans” to describe the multitude of deaths—over one million annually—occurring in the U.S. that could potentially be prevented if the country’s mortality rates were on par with those of other high-income countries.
  • The BUSPH study, conducted in 2021, underscores that a staggering 1.1 million fatalities could have been averted if the U.S. had maintained mortality rates akin to its peer nations. These deaths encompass a range of demographics, encompassing both younger individuals and those in the workforce.
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