New Law Would Make Day After Super Bowl A Holiday If Passed

  • Many were glued to the TV for this year’s Super Bowl, watching the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Super Bowl celebrations can get a little crazy, with lots of fun that you may need to recoup from the next day, which is why a Tennessee lawmaker is suggesting that the day after the Super Bowl be considered a state holiday, according to the Tennessee General Assembly.
  • Although the bill is not up for vote yet, its chances of becoming law are looking pretty nice.
  • House Representative Joe Towns, who represents District 84 in Memphis and parts of Shelby County, proposed House Bill 1463.
  • The bill aims to remove Columbus Day as a legal holiday, replacing it with the first Monday after the Super Bowl, amending TCA Section 15-1-101. Senator London Lamar sponsored the bill.
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