Texas, Border Patrol Working In Tandem, Reject Media Spin Of Violent ‘Civil War’

A Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper walks back to his vehicle after talking with a driver at a rest stop along I-10 Monday, March 30, 2020, in Orange, Texas, near the Louisiana state border. Texas is ratcheting up restrictions on neighboring Louisiana, one of the growing hot spots for coronavirus in the U.S. Just two days after Texas began requiring airline passengers from New Orleans to comply with a two-week quarantine, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said state troopers will now also patrol highway entry points at the Louisiana border. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

A narrative that a “civil war” or “cold war” between federal law enforcement officers and their state and local counterparts at the southern border in Texas – which has been circulating among a range of pundits – isn’t valid, Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Border Patrol union argue.

The claim refers to a potential conflict between federal Border Patrol agents and Texas National Guard soldiers serving at the southern border. The Biden administration has ordered Border Patrol agents to tear down border barriers erected by Texas and release illegal foreign nationals into the U.S. Abbott has ordered Texas National Guard soldiers to block illegal entry by building even more barriers.