The Santos Story Gets Even Weirder

  • Good evening. It’s Wednesday, January 25, in America, and it’s time for our regularly scheduled check-in regarding the most recently unearthed lies that have come out of Representative George Santos’s mouth. One would hope this wouldn’t be a daily task—that, at best, we’d learn about a new lie every few weeks or months—and yet, it is!
  • For those of you catching up, we learned earlier this week that in a single interview in December, Santos told a Brazilian podcast that he (1) had been the target of an assassination attempt, (2) had been mugged in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue, and (3) was so rich that he’d be donating his entire congressional salary.
  • For good measure, he also boldly—and falsely, of course—claimed that New York City schools put on 300 drag shows a day and that 20,000 New York women had received “on-demand” abortions in their third trimester in 2021.