The New Border Crisis: Egg Smuggling Up 108% As Prices In U.S. Soar

Looks like we have a whole NEW crisis at the border to worry about!

  • Egg smuggling at the border is up 108% as criminals at the border have discovered a new way to make money illegally.
  • “With eggs topping $8 a dozen in some cities, the kitchen staple has become a clandestine commodity — smuggled across the southern border for shoppers hoping to save on soaring prices,” a CBP source told the New York Post.
  • “Egg prices have tripled in the US amid the double whammy of inflation and a hen shortage. South of the border, eggs sell for as as little as $3 for a 30-piece container, while north of the border, sky-high prices make eggs a ‘luxury item,’ reported the Post.