‘To Hell With This Place’: George Santos Sharpens Attacks After Expulsion

Congress Santos

George Santos, the disgraced New York Republican who was expelled from the US House on Friday, wasted no time in launching a scathing attack on his former colleagues. In his first hours as a former congressman, Santos announced his intention to file ethics complaints against four of them come Monday.

Having already made history by becoming the sixth member to be ousted by his colleagues in the House, Santos showed no remorse. As he left the Capitol, he made his feelings clear to reporters, stating, “Why would I want to stay here? To hell with this place.”

By Friday evening, Santos took to social media to air his grievances and announce his plans. In a series of tweets, he targeted three fellow Republicans from New York – Mike Lawler, Nicole Malliotakis, and Nick LaLota – who had long been vocal about ousting him from Congress. Without providing any evidence, he vowed to file an ethics complaint against each of them.

Not stopping there, Santos also mentioned Representative Rob Menendez, whose father, New Jersey senator Bob Menendez, is facing criminal charges of acting as an unregistered foreign agent on behalf of Egypt. However, Santos failed to provide specific accusations against him.

While anyone can file a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics, the mere act does not guarantee an investigation. Nevertheless, Santos appears determined to make his grievances known.

In a bold move, Santos called upon a Republican colleague in Congress to demonstrate “testicular fortitude” and take action towards expelling Jamaal Bowman, a New York Democrat. Bowman had previously pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and paid a fine for setting off a fire alarm in a congressional office building.

George Santos’ actions in response to being fact-checked on his biggest lies demonstrate his refusal to go down without a fight. The disgraced former congressman is making it clear that he won’t fade into the background