Today’s Gung-Ho Teens Don’t Want To Join ‘Touchy-Feely, Group-Hug Loving’ Military

From The American Thinker:

  • Why are recruitment numbers in the toilet?
  • Because hardworking, athletic, intelligent warriors who pursue excellence in their lives want nothing to do with a woke, anti-American, politically correct nut-job factory invested in a Marxist worldview and promoting an overtly anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-white agenda.
  • That answer is so obvious that just as with every other important issue of the day — “green” energy-induced inflation, central bank money-printing, government censorship, open borders, warrantless surveillance, surging crime, global war — normal people know what’s going on, while only America’s leaders choose to play dumb (although, in their defense, many aren’t playing).