Today’s News Minute | August 30, 2022

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The border crisis is quickly turning from tragic to horrific. Local authorities are reporting a new level of deaths at the U.S.-Mexico line, especially among little children and babies. But still the Biden White House isn’t doing much more than blaming the Trump administration. We’ve got several stories on it.

The college loan bailouts are already happening. Who knew the government could work so fast? 

A key FBI agent involved in the Trump investigations has been forced out amid political bias claims. See what happened and why it went from a resignation to a firing.

And 24 years after the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, the media caught Bill Clinton huddling with sex therapist Dr. Ruth at the U.S. Open. All John McEnroe could say is, ‘Why is his face getting redder?’ 

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Biden’s Blind Eye Can’t Hide Surge In Border Deaths

Biden Bailouts Happening, When Has Government Ever Worked So Fast?

FBI Special Agent Who Opened Latest Trump Probe Escorted From Bureau HQ: Report

Bubba Gets Free Advice From Sex Therapist Dr. Ruth

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