Today’s News Minute | February 1, 2023

A year before the 2024 primaries start, the Republican race for president is about to double in size. As early as this week, we expect to see Trump era United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley toss her hat into the ring, joining the former president as the first two announced candidates. She’s popular in some places for sure, but still remembered for turning on Trump after the Jan. 6 riots.

How bad is illegal immigration? Well Wyoming lawmakers one thousand miles from the Mexico border are planning to help pay for the wall.

Chris Wallace, the former Fox News star who chased dollars from CNN, continues to fade into obscurity. See how bad his ratings are now.

And PETA is targeting tomorrow’s Groundhog’s Day by suggesting that a human be pulled from the cage to predict winter.

Nikki Ready To Run

How Bad Is Illegal Immigration? Wyoming To Help Pay For The Wall

Fox Mutineer Chris Wallace Pays For It With Worst Ratings Yet

PETA Offers To Send Human To Replace Punxsutawney Phil And Live In Enclosure

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