Today’s News Minute | January 13, 2023

If you need further proof that election hanky panky is real, check this out. We’ve got a new Gallup survey that said more Americans identified as Republicans than Democrats for the first time since 1991. So how did Republicans come up short in November?

The Justice Department yesterday appointed a special counsel to look into all those classified documents President Biden took when he left the vice presidency. And word is that Robert Hur has a reputation for winning convictions against Democrats.

If you are confused about whether inflation is better or worse, we might have a reason. The White House has been saying food prices are going down when they are actually rising.

And say a prayer for Lisa Marie Presley. The 54-year-old daughter of the King died suddenly of a heart attack.

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Gallup Says More Republicans Than Dems, So How Did GOP Lose?

Biden Special Counsel Previously Took Down Corrupt Maryland Democrats

Biden Touts Falling Food Prices When They Are Actually Rising

The Curse Of Elvis

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