Today’s News Minute | January 24, 2023

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today, January 24, 2023, from your favorite news outlets at OFFTHEPRESS.COM

At the border, there is more evidence of chaos. We have new reports that the number of illegals crossing and evading capture has hit a new record. Also the number of known terrorists caught is at an all time high. And officials seized 20 tons of narcotics in just two months. It’s bad and getting worse.

The Biden document scandal is now worrying Democrats. Liberals fear it will kill their agenda and the president’s reelection chances.

Voters are telling Washington that they are OK with shutting down the government over the debt crisis. The reason: Congress and Biden created the problem, they can fix it.

And for something totally different, see our story about the Hawaii lifeguard who beat the pros to win a huge surfing championship. He called it a dream come true before racing back to work on the lifeguard tower.

1.2 Million ‘Got Aways’

Terrorists Flooding Over Biden Border, 38 Caught So Far In Major Scare

20 TONS Of Narcotics Seize In Just 2 Months At Border

Democrats Turn On Biden Over His Spreading Document Scandal, Stonewalling

Voters Tell Congress, Biden, Go Ahead, Shut Government Down Over Debt

Lifeguard Wins Legendary Contest On Lunch Break, Over Pros