Today’s News Minute | November 10, 2022

Just like that, attention has already turned to the 2024 presidential election. Former President Trump is expected to announce next week, but after his team took a licking in Tuesday’s election his allies are calling for a pause as they eye another choice, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

On the Democratic side, there’s talk growing about stroke-slowed Pennsylvania Sen.-elect John Fetterman running for president some day. Can you imagine?

The nation’s focus is also turning back to bread and butter issues like this bad news: For the first time ever, credit card rates are over 19%.

And for a little fun, check out our story about the street fight that goes on every day on the ocean’s floor between dueling octopuses. Not only do they throw mud and shells at each other, but they can block like Muhammad Ali. 

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19.04%: Credit Card Interest Rates Hit Record High

WATCH: Octopuses Filmed Throwing Junk At Each Other

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