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Today’s News Minute | November 23, 2022

It takes a lot for the media to get mad at Democratic presidents, but the weekend wedding of President Biden’s granddaughter did it. After being told the event on the South Lawn was essentially off the record, stories and photos appeared in Vogue and People. That has angered the regular media, even the New York Times. Check our story and read about the 7-foot-tall wedding cake.

The new Republican majority team were at the border yesterday and put a target on the back of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Watch our video on which treats TSA will not let you bring in your carry-on for Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve got their target list that includes cranberry sauce and fruit chunks.

And anybody who has eaten the vegan burgers from Beyond Meat will want to check out our story about the latest inspection of their manufacturing plant. It’s not good. 

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Biden Wedding Lies

McCarthy To Mayorkas: Resign!

WATCH: Thanksgiving Foods TSA Bans From Your Carry-On

Vegan Mold: It’s What’s For Dinner

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