Today’s News Minute | October 20, 2022

There appears to be a bit of good news for President Biden even if the elections put Republicans in charge of the House. Kevin McCarthy, who is likely to become speaker, said he isn’t interested in impeaching the president and wants political healing instead. Some in the party have other thoughts.

For Donald Trump, the news isn’t so good. First he was deposed on Wednesday in a rape case he calls a “hoax.” And there are reports that the Justice Department has enough evidence to go after him in the classified documents case.

Looking ahead to 2024, former Vice President Mike Pence is saying it out loud – it’s time for Trump to get out of the way.

And move quickly on applying for that student loan forgiveness. One case is already before the Supreme Court asking for it to be killed.

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‘Speaker’ McCarthy To Let Biden Off, No Impeachment, Wants ‘Healing’

Trump Deposed In Author’s Rape Case He Dubbed ‘Con Job,’ ‘Hoax’

DOJ Has Evidence To Charge Trump In Mar-A-Lago Case: Report

Mike Pence Says It: Somebody Other Than Trump For GOP In 2024

Supreme Court Urged To Stop $1 Trillion Student Loan Bailout

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