Today’s News Minute | October 27, 2022

CNN’s new boss informed staffers in an internal memo that he plans a major shakeup before year’s end, warning that there will be “unsettling” changes that will “affect people, budgets and projects.”

Florida opened a criminal probe after a prominent Orlando-area Democrat filed a sworn affidavit alleging that her party has engaged in a widespread, long-running ballot harvesting scheme in African-American communities around the city.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan temporarily blocked the Jan. 6 Committee’s plan to subpoena the phone records of Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward following an emergency appeal from Ward’s lawyers.

And Chicago has experienced a 40-percent spike in crime over the past year, so naturally Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot thinks this is the perfect to demand a raise on her $216,000 annual salary.

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