Top Republicans Blast Democrats’ Bloated Ukraine Bills

  • “I went to Ukraine in a bipartisan group for the sole purposes of telling President Zelenskyy that he does have continued support and he will have bipartisan support,” said Turner.
  • “The issue, obviously, is this, we don’t need to pass $40 billion large Democrat bills that have been passed to send $8 billion to Ukraine. What we’re going to do — and it’s been very frustrating, obviously, even to the Ukrainians where they hear these large numbers in the United States as a result of the, you know, burgeoned Democrat bills and the little amount of aid that they receive. We’re going to make certain they get what they need.”
  • According to a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the U.S. has already passed $68 billion in aid to Ukraine, and the Biden administration requested another $37.7 billion earlier this month, which would push the total to $105.5 billion.