‘Trans Radicals’ Plan ‘Day Of Vengeance’ In D.C. Alongside Firearms Training

  • “TRAN will be hosting an event in DC, time and location TBA on 3/31-4/1. The online event will be hosted on 4/1-4/2, time TBA. If anyone is interested in organizing in their state, please fill out the contact form,” it says.
  • The group’s website says one of its co-founders is “Noah Buchanan; I am a transgender male and have been out since 2018 … I have 10+ years of working in the mental health field … What motivated me to start TRAN was the fact I was bullied to the point where I attempted to end my own life. The person that bullied me was a fellow member of the LGBTIA+.”
  • Buchanan did not return a request for more information about the Day of Vengeance.