Treasury Boss Janet Yellen Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine

  • Yellen met with Zelensky to discuss sanctions against Russia from the United States and its allies, reforms meant to address rampant corruption in Ukraine, and a $9.9 billion assistance package intended to assist the operations of the nation’s government, according to the Treasury Department.
  • “Over the past year, Ukraine has been writing the next chapter of its history with its heroic fight for freedom. Today, I am witnessing firsthand the devastating toll of Putin’s brutal war,” Yellen remarked during a wreath-laying ceremony in Kyiv.
  • “We have pledged to do our part to support the Ukrainian people, not only with words, but with actions. We will continue to work with our international coalition to provide military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. And we will continue to impose severe costs on the Kremlin for its illegal war. As President Biden has said, we will stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes.”