Biden Mocked As ‘True Dementia Patient’ For Claim He Was At E. Palestine ‘Day One’

Biden Mocked For E. Palestine Claim

President Joe Biden’s assertion on social media, claiming hands-on involvement by his administration from the outset of the incident in East Palestine, has caused a stir of opposition. His late visit to Ohio, occurring a full year after the harrowing chemical spill disaster, casts doubt on the message he conveyed this past Monday.

With a full rotation of the calendar between the derailment and his appearance, critics are openly questioning the timing and sincerity of the President’s commitment. “My Administration has been on the ground since the beginning,” Biden stated, emphasizing a promise to not retreat until all issues are resolved. However, a recently posted clip featuring his conversation with East Palestine residents seems to add fuel to the controversy rather than quell it.

Detractors denounce the delay, with one social media reaction pointedly summarizing the sentiment: “Day one comes 365 days later?”

“You abandoned East Palestine because they didn’t benefit your political agenda,” another person responded to his post.

Another person reacted to the post, “‘Our Administration has been here since day one…’ Spoken like a true dementia patient.”

Accusations of abandonment and prioritizing political motives over the welfare of East Palestine citizens are rampant among responses.