Trump Backs Hogan In Maryland Senate Race, But The Feeling Isn’t Mutual

An endorsement from former President Donald Trump of Larry Hogan on Thursday was met with anything but open arms from the Maryland Republican Senate candidate.

Trump threw his support behind the former two-term governor, despite years of vehement opposition toward him from Hogan.

“I’d like to see him win,” Trump told Fox News’s Aishah Hasnie when asked if he’d support Hogan. “I think he has a good chance. I would like to see him win. We got to take the majority. We have to straighten out our country, so I’d like to see him win. He’s somebody that can win.”

A Hogan campaign spokesperson rejected the endorsement, making clear the Senate candidate would not be reciprocating.

“Gov. Hogan has been clear he is not supporting President Trump, just as he didn’t in 2016 and 2020,” the spokesperson said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

The Hogan campaign was not provided advanced notice of the endorsement, according to a separate person familiar with the matter.

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