Trump Begging Ivanka, Jared To Join Him For Campaign Launch

It seems like Jared and Ivanka don't want much to do with Trump 2024!

  • A source tells the New York Post that Trump spent most of the weekend of daughter Tiffany Trump’s wedding trying to convince Ivanka and Jared to join him for his expected campaign announcement on November 15th.
  • “Trump thought he could convince Ivanka this weekend to come back and campaign for him as she was the most requested speaker after the president himself last time around … but so far she’s resisting his entreaties and holding firm, as is Jared,” the source said.
  • Jared and Ivanka got into high-profile skirmishes with Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon while serving in the first Trump administration, and are said to feel “burned” by Washington, D.C.