Trump’s ‘Agenda47’ Envisions ‘Freedom Cities,’ Flying Cars And Much More

Activist 'Agenda47' Envisions 'Freedom Cities,' Flying Cars And Much More

  • Donald Trump‘s ambitious proposals for sweeping federal actions if he wins a second term have left some wondering if the era of the small-government conservative has ended.
  • In campaign videos and social media posts, Trump has laid out what he calls Agenda47, his dramatic vison for a federal government more active in matters usually left to the states.
  • He proposed building 10 “freedom cities” featuring flying cars on federal land, as well as a free national “American Academy” that bans “wokeness or jihadism,” funded by punitive levies on private universities.
  • Trump also talks of crackdowns on everything from MSNBC to hospitals and teachers, with proposals for national bans on transgender medical procedures for youth and a federal license for teachers who “who embrace patriotic values.”