Tucker For President? ‘The Guy Is No Less Qualified Than Trump’ In 2016

'The Guy Is No Less Qualified Than Trump' In 2016

  • Although we’re still piecing together the story of why Fox News fired its dangerous megastar Tucker Carlson, speculation about his future has already strayed off into talk of a potential 2024 presidential run.
  • Indeed, Politico devoted a lot of space to half-tongue-in-cheek interviews of Republican political operatives explaining how Carlson ’24 might work. After all, the guy is no less qualified than Donald Trump when he came down that escalator in 2015.
  • And if anyone could represent MAGA 2.0 without losing the original’s provocative race-based, faux-populist entertainment value, it’s probably this deeply cynical demagogue who knows exactly what Fox viewers want.