Tucker Carlson Has 6 Questions For Potential 2024 GOP Candidates On Ukraine

  • “Most of the rest of them did get back to us, and we are grateful that they did,” Carlson continued, adding, “In general, the answers were fascinating, some of them were so thoughtful and so smart they give you hope for the Republican Party. With only a few exceptions, their answers bore no resemblance at all to the statements you see every day from Mitch McConnell and various Republican committee chairmen in Congress.”
  • Carlson went on to say that Republicans in Congress were more likely to be “committed neocons” and thus more likely to support funding Ukraine’s ongoing war than some of the Republicans who are or may be running for president in 2024.
  • What followed was a preview of the responses from every potential contender – and then a Twitter thread including their complete responses.
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