Tulsi Gabbard Boosts Trump Ties With Plans To Host Fundraiser At Mar-A-Lago

Tulsi Gabbard

Former Democrat Congresswoman and 2020 presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard is slated to be the principal speaker at the upcoming fundraiser for the 917 Society, scheduled to take place at Mar-a-Lago in early March. This engagement is not linked to Donald Trump’s political aspirations; however, her appearance has sparked widespread speculation about a potential role in Trump’s circle, with some political commentators considering her a surprising Vice-Presidential pick. The 917 Society, known for distributing copies of the Constitution to schoolchildren across the nation, anticipates that the event will have significant implications for America’s future.

Gabbard will be joined by Larry Elder, a respected conservative voice and one-time Republican presidential hopeful, who has voiced his support for Trump’s candidacy.

The selection of Tulsi Gabbard, once hailed as an up-and-comer within the Democrat Party’s progressive wing, signifies her notable political transition. When she secured her Congressional seat for Hawaii in 2012, pundits like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow predicted her rise to national prominence. Despite an unsuccessful bid in the 2020 Democratic primaries and her decision to forgo re-election to the House, Gabbard’s anti-interventionist stance and populist approach won admiration within some factions of Trump’s base. Following her exit from the Democratic Party in 2022, Gabbard has become a familiar figure on conservative media platforms, frequently appearing on Laura Ingraham’s program on Fox News.

With Trump currently leading in polls against President Biden for the forthcoming 2024 presidential showdown, Gabbard’s political trajectory continues to drive fervent discourse. After her reported discussions with Trump about defense department reforms, Trump supporters are outspoken in their hopes of seeing her join ranks with MAGA, potentially rising to a cabinet or even Vice-Presidential appointment, as per speculation fueled by sources cited in The Daily Beast: “I don’t know what the deal is with Tulsi, but I’d certainly rather have her on our side than on somebody else’s.”