Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Boosts RFK Jr. With These Provocative Postings On Primal

  • Jack Dorsey, the head of Block Inc. and a co-founder of Twitter, posted two videos in the past week featuring presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • On Tuesday, in a post on the social network Primal, which uses technology that he has helped fund, Dorsey shared a 2020 interview with Kennedy, in which he promoted the conspiracy theory that the CIA killed both his father, Robert F. Kennedy, and JFK and espoused unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about vaccines, including that potential vaccine side effects are part of a profit plan for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dorsey’s support would lend another notable name to Kennedy’s campaign. Dorsey has in the past supported other unconventional Democratic candidates, donating $5,600 to Tulsi Gabbard and $6,600 to Andrew Yang in 2019, according to the campaign finance website Open Secrets.
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