#TwitterFiles Journalist Leaves Twitter Over Conflict With Substack

Matt Taibbi, who has been the lead reporter on the Twitter Files in recent months and testified before Congress on his reporting, announced that he's leaving Twitter because the platform is blocking links to Substack, where Taibbi publishes his work

  • Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi announced on Friday that he is leaving the app over Twitter boss Elon Musk’s apparent decision to block Substack links because of that platform’s decision to launch a competitor to Twitter.
  • One of the conditions of being given access to Twitter Files materials was that the reporters involved would have to create Twitter threads in order to release the information.
  • But Taibbi and fellow independent journalist Bari Weiss both also put the revelations in lengthy posts on the Substack app, which allows writers to create online content that goes out as a newsletter.
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