Umpires Have Had It With Mad Max And His Famously Sticky Fingers

  • Max Scherzer’s hand became a sticking point for umpires during Wednesday’s game in Los Angeles.
  • Crew chief Phil Cuzzi had told Scherzer to change his glove due to the stickiness in the pocket.
  • “When he came out to start the bottom of the fourth inning, that’s when we realized the level of stickiness on his hand was much worse than it was even in the initial inspection that had taken place two innings prior,” Bellino said after the 5-3 Mets win. “So following the proper protocols, Phil immediately recognized it. Phil then asked me to come in to verify that the hand was too sticky. Both Phil and I touched his hand.
  • “As far as the level of stickiness, this was the stickiest it has been since I’ve been inspecting hands, which goes back three seasons. Compared to the first inning, the level of stickiness, it was so sticky that when we touched his hand, our fingers were sticking to his hand, and whatever was on there remained on our fingers afterwards for a couple of innings where you could still feel that the fingers were sticking together.”
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