US Consulate In Australia Attacked, Marked With Anti-Israel Graffiti

The U.S. consulate in Sydney, Australia, was attacked early Monday morning by a sledgehammer-wielding suspect who smashed windows and smeared anti-Israel graffiti on its doors.

CCTV footage obtained by police shows a hooded figure with their face obscured smashing nine glass windows of the consulate office with a hammer at around 3am, ABC News reports.

Two red triangles were also spray-painted over the consulate’s coat of arms on the front door – a symbol Reuters reports has been used by anti-Israel protesters.

CBC News also says the symbol has been used by Hamas to identify Israeli military targets in videos, a Fox News report claims.

The ABC report notes police have described this as an incident of malicious damage and are still working to identify the motive behind the incident, but it is believed to be politically motivated.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has condemned the act, urging people to have “respectful political debate and discourse.”

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