US Energy Future ‘Under Threat’ From Biden Policies

 America’s energy future is “under threat” from Biden administration policies that “hinder growth of domestic energy production” and cause greater costs for Americans, according to a House Committee on Oversight and Responsibility report.

Titled “The Biden Administration’s Green New Deal: Paying More for a Dimmer Future,” the report released Thursday aims to show that the administration’s energy policies have led to higher gas prices, uncertainty in America’s power sector, confusion about new cars and appliances, and pricey regulatory hurdles that have increased costs for American consumers and businesses.

The 32-page report, which was first obtained by Fox News Digital and comes ahead of Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee, calls out the Biden administration for its “shortsighted energy policies” and what it describes as a failure “to recognize the potential of American energy.”

“The Administration purports to pursue policies aimed at increasing electrification while simultaneously stymieing growth potential for power producers necessary to support these initiatives. Permitting challenges threaten access to resources and bringing new power generation infrastructure online. And massive, costly new regulations stifle innovation and growth,” the report states. “This report details major problems facing critical sectors of the U.S. economy exacerbated by the Biden Administration’s shortsighted energy policies and the resulting impacts on American businesses and consumers.”

House Oversight chair James Comer, R-Ky., said the Biden administration “weaponized” the executive branch to “wage a war against” domestic energy production.

“The Biden Administration weaponized the power of the executive branch to wage a war against American-made energy production and cement in place radical, far-left energy policies that jeopardize domestic energy development, overload America’s power grid, and raise costs on all American consumers and businesses,” Comer told Fox News Digital.

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