US Special Forces Take Out ISIS Operator In Somalia

The U.S. military has killed ISIS operator and facilitator Bilal al-Sudani and 10 terror-group associates in a raid in Somalia, senior Biden administration officials said Thursday. There were no casualties among civilians or U.S. service members during the operation, the officials said.  Of

The raid reportedly occurred Wednesday night in a mountainous cave complex in northern Somalia.

Al-Sudani is being described as a key operator and facilitator for ISIS’ global terror network because he’s been able to appropriate enough money to sustain branches in Afghanistan, Africa and elsewhere around the world.

President Biden authorized the operation earlier this week, upon the recommendation of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and advice from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, administration officials also said.

Special Forces members reportedly planned and rehearsed for month in preparation to capture al-Sudani but were met with hostile opposition, which resulted in his death and the death of the 10 others.